Applying to Highly Selective Colleges-No “Hail Mary’s”-PLEASE

On November 13, 2014 from 7-8 pm I will be sharing information at the Bartholomew County Public Library on the admissions process for highly selective colleges and universities.  We will be talking about how a school might be defined as highly selective, important benchmarks and tests a student should be meeting/taking in order to keep highly selective schools an option for them and more.  Over the years, I’ve heard students say things  like “I thought I’d apply to MIT” or “I threw in an application to Stanford to see what would happen”.  If a student is truly interested in keeping a highly selective school as an option, a last minute “Hail Mary” is not a great idea.  There is a reason why “Hail Mary’s” make the news-they rarely work.  They are like little miracles in highly competitive sports. They are born in moments of desperation at the very end of a game in the hopes of a near-miracle.  While amazing to watch, I’m pretty sure most coaches don’t want to be in the position to need to succumb to the last minute play of desperation. The film that doesn’t make the news comes from guys and girls who work hard every week and slowly trudge along to do what is necessary to become great in their sport. Applying to a highly selective school is kind of like that-it is the work that happens each and every year that slowly builds to make a great case for admission that most often gets results.  Join me as we talk about how decisions are made in highly selective schools and other options for high achieving students.

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