College Admissions Help for High School Juniors

The class of 2017 is heading towards graduation and most of my students have a pretty good idea where they will be headed next year. It is amazing to me that another year has passed.  The past few months new juniors, the Class of 2018, has been flowing into my office to begin work to figure out what they might want to major in and where they might want to go to school. Spring of junior year is the time to begin getting serious about the college process. In just a few short months, juniors will become seniors and need to have a college list ready to go.  If you are like any other parent of a junior, your mail box looks like the picture on this post—loaded with college flyers and invitations to attend special events.  Each spring, I bring up to 25 students into my practice to guide through this process. I still have a few open spots for my class of 2018!

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