College planning for seniors!

This morning I realized that it is the last first day of school for many of our area teens; the beginning of senior year.  Senior year is an exciting year filled with all kinds of memories and activities, but it is also a busy year for those heading off to college next year.  I’ve been working on college application schedules for the students I work with for weeks now;  trying to figure out which schools they should have on their final list along with any last minute needs for their applications.  Do they need any additional test scores for scholarship opportunities or for admissions (such as SAT 2 subject tests or ACT with writing)?  How many essays do they need to write?  Which application deadline should they aim for based on their unique set of information?  So, if you find yourself  with a teen who is heading off today for their last first day of school and you haven’t begun this process, what should you be doing right now?

  • Build a college application list based on their intended interests, abilities and desires
  • Make sure you have all the required application materials ready to go (essays, activities, test scores, letters of reference and more)
  • Register for the Common Application
  • If they attend a local school, they need to register for Parchment
  • Complete any “brag sheets” or other material they need for their counselor letter
  • Dig through scholarship deadlines and be sure they make application in time for those deadlines

If you are looking for some help to determine a “good match” pathway for a college major for your student, I’d love to help them with the use of the MBTI and Strong Interest Inventory.  Are you concerned they will be so busy this fall they might need help to stay on top of their applications, essays, letters of recommendation and more?  Send me a note;  I’d love to help out.  Are they stuck on their essays and you feel like they could benefit from some mentorship?  I’d be happy to oversee the writing of their essays.  Are you worried about making sure they have schools on their list that are affordable for them?  Let me help you build their college list.

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