Assessments/Choose a Major

Using two of the most reliable measures of career interest (MBTI and Strong Interest Inventory) a “good match” college major is determined. Recommendations will be made to help build a “power” resume to maximize scholarship and admissions potential.

Suggested timing: end of sophomore year

Semester Accountability Program

Appropriate goals are set for the semester ahead and accountability is provided to improve the chances of achieving them. Age appropriate goals are set and cover the full spectrum of college readiness: course rigor and grades, college entrance exams and appropriate prep, extra curricular involvement, volunteer work, leadership, teacher relations, etc.

Suggested timing: junior high through high school

Anticipated work for each age group:

Grades 8 and 9

High School Sophomores

High School Junior

High School Senior

*These plans are subject to change.  Contact us for more information about specific details.