High School Juniors

The junior year of high school is one of the most important years for college planning.  Understanding the FAFSA and CSS profile for need-based aid as well as maximizing opportunities for merit/scholarship aid are two important financial aspects of the junior year.  The junior year is filled with many college preparations including: college visits, SAT/ACT, course rigor, leadership growth/resume development, scholarship seeking and more.  Throughout the year a heavy focus is placed on the college search and college list.  Recommended college visits throughout the year ultimately lead to developing a final college list by the end of junior year.  The student will be completing college surveys that provide structure to journaling that will prepare them for the rigorous essay writing in the application process. Financial aid/merit scholarship opportunities, student academic goals, social needs, personal values, distance from home and more are taken into consideration in building the college list for the student.  The goal of the junior year is to help the student round out a strong resume that will help them achieve their goals while encouraging them to become more involved in the process. Guidance for research, special projects, selective summer programs can be part of the junior year guidance as appropriate.