High School Seniors

Senior year is when we take all that the student has accomplished and compile it into applications for admission and scholarships.  Beginning as early as summer before senior year, we finalize a “brag sheet” into an application-ready set of information, work on the many essays (varies depending on list) the student will need for their applications, request letters of recommendation, finalize college list (or the beginning of one if we haven’t been working with the student up until this point), create a detailed application schedule and complete it.  The application schedule is created based on the needs of the student (their activity load and admissions strategy).  A decision will be made about which schools will be applied to during which admissions cycle (Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision, etc).  Auditions, portfolio reviews, tryouts, early admission to certain programs and more will be considered during this time.  Merit scholarships/institutional scholarships will also be scheduled.  Any final attempts to improve college entrance exam (SAT/ACT) scores will be scheduled.  In the spring, we will work through the decision part of the process.  If the student needs to appeal financial aid, we will walk through that process together.