The Diagnostic and Counseling Center at The Achievement Center

Psycho-Educational Assessments Available Beginning August, 2019.

Who benefits from the Diagnostic Center?

  • Academic Problems in reading, writing, mathematics
  • Other learning problems including specific learning processing deficits and/or delayed development
  • Difficulty focusing and/or concentrating
  • Emotional symptoms including anxiety, sadness, anger, depression, etc. that interfere with learning
  • A lack of motivation
  • Medical issues that cause learning problems
  • Over sensitivities that interfere with learning
  • A lack of planning and organization
  • Poor social skills that interfere with learning
  • Behavior problems at home and/or school
  1. Assessments are available for:
    1. Cognitive and academic domains
    2. Social and emotional
    3. ADHD, Specific Learning Disabilities (e.g. dyslexia, dysgraphia), developmental delays, anxiety and depression screeners, post-partum screening for moms, gifted assessments, twice-exceptional screening
  2. Counseling services are available for:
    1. Parent skill building- adjustment difficulties, emotional regulation
    2. Anxiety, depression, 2E students, Adolescent issues
  3. Advocacy work – Family representation during case conferences and 504 accommodation planning

For more information concerning assessments and counseling, please complete a contact form.